Edlib is an application for creating, sharing, storing and using interactive learning resources in the cloud

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Edlib Features

Edlib is a cloud based digital media library for learning materials with a focus on distribution, use and implementation. Edlib can be easily integrated into existing learning applications used by schools today.

The application provides the ability to create and edit learning resources as well as index and integrate external resources from, for example, publishers and other content providers.

Edlib can search resources based on metadata of the resource. In addition, all licenses and rights of use are safeguarded which also allows the user to edit resources based on the set licenses and rights of use.

Edlib collects data about the use of all materials that have been used with the application.

Edlib is easily accessible in the cloud and also easily integrated with all other learning applications. (SaaS) There is also an open-source version that can be installed on the customer's own server.

Edlib offers APIs to extract all resource usage data. All usage is stored in LRS using xAPI which can be extracted from each application such as assessment applications and analysis tools.

All learning resources from publishers or developed in Edlib Author are embedded using the LTI standard in all external learning applications that have integrated Edlib to save results and usage.

Edlib is integrated with Feide and the data port (AVT project).

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